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Program - MBA+MIP

Management Education is NOT a logical extension of your UG course; it is indeed a journey that leads self-awareness & discovery of your own potential. Management Education equips you with all tools that you need to live a meaningful life and lead organizations to success.

Management Education is very potential and powerful as it bestows you with the ability to analyze a situation, a deeper understanding of the decision-making process and insight into human behavior.

Management education can change the way you think, make decisions, and live.While management education bestows you with unlimited career opportunities and personal growth, it renders you an opportunity to live a life of contribution and leave a legacy.

Welcome to the world of possibilities & hope!

Program Outcomes
The student who completes the program is expected to acquire abilities to:

Take strategic view of each situation

Recognise the organisation process that lead to shared vision and motivation

Identify the different kind of knowledge and design and lead innovation strategies

See the organisational network as the unit of production process

Prioritize and manage the tasks

Establish social infrastructure in association with customers, competitors, suppliers distributors and teams

Lead change in organisation

Adapt new context,tasks,process,technologies and sources of information

Communicate effectively in multicultural world


To be amongst the most innovative B-schools with a global outlook, committed to creating opportunities to individuals with character and competence to make them pragmatic and confident leaders who can shape businesses, society and the world.


To sow in your minds seeds of profound management thoughts and see that they bloom into thousands of flowers.

Our Core Values - Leadership, Ethics, Integrity and Diversity

NSB's core values include leadership, ethics, integrity and diversity. We believe that good management education has the responsibility of teaching students the importance of leadership, integrity, humility, ethics and human values and aim for promoting responsible leadership and diversity in organizations. We believe we have the job of grooming good citizens before good managers. Our overarching goal is always to make management education play the role of making our world a better place.