Center for Digital Transformation & Business Analytics

NSB has signed a MOU with Business Analytics Institute (France) with a vision to contribute to the knowledge and skills of digital transformation of business and society. The Centre for digital transformation and business analytics will notably:

Train students in industry required skills and knowledge in business analytics and digitization

Conduct multi-disciplinary research on the digital transformation of business models, production processes and economic markets

Disseminate the research in peer reviewed academic and trade journals

Amplify the reputation for an industry recognized Centre for consulting and training

To achieve its objectives, the center will offer:

Short programs and Comprehensive certificate programs in diverse area of Digital Innovation, Digital Transformation and Business Analytics. The programs will be jointly certified by NSB and BAI.

A coherent training on the application of new and emerging digital technologies in various management and production processes

Impactful research on business digitalization and its dissemination through academic journals and events like conclave, symposia, workshops, summer/winter schools and conferences

About BAI

BAI is a group of international practitioners and specialists with a proven track record in both industry and academics, to facilitate workshops, conferences, and consulting assignments. They have solid presence in many continents and is a considered as a “Think Tank” in the area of business analytics and digital transformation.


Dr. Lee Schlenker is Professor of Business Analytics and a Principal Consultant of Business Analytics Institute. He has over twenty years of banking and finance, telecommunications, and public administration expertise. Lee fosters insight-based decision-making in addressing the managerial challenges of artificial intelligence, digital transformation and Business Analytics. His client list includes Adecco, Axa-Winterthur, British Telecom, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Nation Builder, and the SAS Institute and several universities and business schools in the US, Europe and Asia. he has led two dozen missions for Big 4 consulting groups in the manufacturing, telecommunications, public works and service industries.