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NSBAA – ‘Leading a Legacy’

The Alumni Association of National School of Business intends to promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction among the alumni, current students and faculty. The Alumni Association embed a lifelong spirit of belongingness and pride by connecting our alumni, current students and the faculty of National School of Business.


To embed a lifelong spirit of belongingness, loyalty and pride by connecting our alumni and to mobilize the resources to bring a positive change and facilitate networking among all its stakeholders.


To be an innovative, prominent and respected association whose members make meaningful contributions to serve, strengthen, and support our Alma Mater.

Core Principles of NSBAA

Relationship –To cultivate strong relationships among the alumni, current students, and the faculty.

Leadership –To support, strengthen and serve the needs of NSB

Partnership –To create a community and enable networking and alumni participation to contribute to the overall development of NSB

Core Values of NSBAA





The purpose of NSBAA is

To foster a spirit of loyalty and promote the general welfare of the stakeholders of NSB.

To encourage the alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the progress of NSB.

To contribute towards enhancement of the social utility and value of NSB.

To engage and support our alumni and constituent relationships throughout their lives.

To innovate and build a unique team that positions alumni association at the forefront of management education.

To partner and strengthen the alumni association through holistic efforts to make all the stakeholders more valuable.

To communicate news, upcoming events and information to our alumni and to enable easy access to lifelong alumni connectivity.

Alumni are powerful ambassadors for their alma maters in the civic and business community.

Alumni Association develops a sense of belonging among current and former students and staff.

Alumni association can enhance recruiting efforts and boost NSB’s image.

Alumni gain a sense of prestige by associating themselves with NSBAA leading, supporting, and fostering the aspirations of all the stakeholders.

NSBAA believes that the participation of the alumni is the powerful force in furthering developmental objectives. NSBAA offers opportunities to positively impact their alma mater, National School of Business through implementing the concepts learned and explored during their programs.

The ultimate success of the NSBAA depends on the alumni themselves. In order to sustain and become successful, NSBAA will remain a grass root, member driven organization eagerly working towards achieving its objectives and vision.

Our members come from diverse and varied backgrounds. They may or may not share common interests, but they do have a common purpose and common experience at National School of Business which unites them and brings them together. It is upon this shared bond that the foundation of NSBAA is built and out of which we strive to achieve our goals.

Phase 1

Call for a meeting (Patron, President, Vice President, General Secretary) to discuss the plan of action

Build a database of alumni starting from the first batch

Collect email ids and contact details of all the alumni

Create an email list of alumni

Send an email, message to all the alumni intimating them regarding the formation of NSBAA

Introduce them to the structure of NSBAA

Request them to update their contact information and profile

Create a webpage, blog and other social media entities

Phase 2

Review general concepts goals of the NSBAA

Outline the communications ( Newsletters, Mailings, Directories etc.)

Plan for future activities

Plan for Scholarships and assistance to deserving students

Annual membership fee for the members

Contributions/donations received from the alumni

Grants From NSB

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