NSB Complainces


Anti-Ragging Committee

(As per AICTE notified regulation for prevention and prohibition of ragging in AICTE approved technical Institutions vide No. 37-3/Legal/AICTE/2009 dated 01.07.2009)

Name Role Designation Contact details
Dr. P. Ganesan Chairman Director director@nsb.edu.in  
Mr. Veda Mouly.S Coordinator Non-teaching Staff mouli@nsb.edu.in
Dr. Syed Ahamed Member Faculty hod@nsb.edu.in
Ms. Maheshwari Member Non-teaching Staff maheshwari@nsb.edu.in
Mr.Adarsh Krishna Kumar Member Student adarsh21@nsb.edu.in
Ms. Spandana Suresh Member Student spandana21@nsb.edu.in
Mr. Prasad Member Police 080-40228310 dcblore@ksp.gov.in
Mr. N. Suresh Member Parents Representative nsureshmys@gmail.com
Mr .Lokesh Reddy Member Local Media 9900699968
Mr. Anish Kumar Member NGO Representative 9845793490
Committee for SC/ST

(As per the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, No. 33 of 1989, dated 11.09.1989)

Name Role Designation Contact details
Dr. P. Madhan Kumar Chairman Asst. Professor madhan@nsb.edu.in
Prof. Kaushik Samaddar Co-ordinator Asst. Professor kaushik@nsb.edu.in
Mr. Shanmugam Member Non -teaching staff shanmuga@nsb.edu.in
Mrs. Rathnamma Member Staff rathnamma@nsb.edu.in
Mr. Pillappa Member Staff pillappa@nsb.edu.in
Disciplinary Committee
Name Role Designation Contact details
Dr. P. Ganesan Chairman Director director@nsb.edu.in
Dr. Syed Ahamed Co-ordinator Professor hod@nsb.edu.in
Dr. Dhanabagiyam Member Associate Professor dhanabagiyam@nsb.edu.in
Prof. Abishek Santhosh Raj Member Asst. Professor abhishek@nsb.edu.in
Ms. Mamatha Member Asst. Professor mamatha@nsb.edu.in
Mr.Veda Mouly.S Member Non-Teaching mouly@nsb.edu.in
Mr. Rakesh Member Non-Teaching crd@nsb.edu.in
Mr. Dinesh Member Non-Teaching dinesh@nsb.edu.in
Grievance Redressal Committee

(As per All India Council for Technical Education (Establishment of Mechanism for Grievance Redressal) Regulations, 2012,F. No. 37-3/Lega112012, dated 25.05.2012)

Name Role Designation Contact details
Dr. P. Ganesan Chairman Director director@nsb.edu.in
Prof. D.R. Nagaraj Member Professor drn@nsb.edu.in
Prof. Ratnakar Mishra Member Professor ratnakar@nsb.edu.in
Prof. Rajni Member Asst. Professor rajni@nsb.edu.in
Dr. N. S. Viswanath Ombudsman Professor (Retd.) viswanath_ns@yahoo.com
Internal Compliance Committee (ICC)

As per section 4 of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013

Name Role Designation Contact details
Dr. Dhanabagiyam Presiding Officer Associate Professor dhanabagiyam@nsb.edu.in
Dr. Tanmaya Kumar Co-ordinator Assistant Professor tanmaya@nsb.edu.in
Prof. Sasikala Member Associate Professor sasikala@nsb.edu.in
Prof. Savitha Sodhi Member Assistant Professor director.crd@nsb.edu.in
Mrs. Maheshwari Member Non-Teaching admissions1@nsb.edu.in
Mr. Dinesh Member Non- Teaching dinesh@nsb.edu.in
Mrs. Padma Hemanth Member NGO padmahemanth@gmail.com
Ms. Chhaya Member Student chhaya21@nsb.edu.in
Mr. Roshan Kumar Chaudhry Member Student roshan21@nsb.edu.in
Ms. Dedeepya Member Student dedeepya20@nsb.edu.in
Student Grievance Form