Empowering Minds: Exploring Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving at the NSB Business School-Rotary Club Symposium

Greetings, everyone. It is with immense excitement that we unveil the gems from our recent gathering, a symposium on critical thinking, problem-solving, and ideation, masterminded by the collaboration between NSB Business School and the Rotary Club of Bangalore, exclusively tailored for our MBA students. During this dynamic session, we embarked on a profound journey into the realm of critical thinking, brainstorming ingenious solutions, and refining our problem-solving prowess. Our esteemed speakers and interactive activities inspired us to challenge conventional wisdom, embark on exploratory journeys, and foster creativity. By dissecting real-world challenges and devising innovative solutions, we are now better equipped to confidently navigate any hurdles that come our way. Keep an eye out for more intellectually stimulating sessions as we continue to fortify our intellect and broaden our horizons.

  • Challa pandyan Pitchai, President, Rotary club, Bangalore
  • Chandra Mohan, former President, Rotary club, Bangalore
  • Surendran Unni, former President, Rotary club, Bangalore
  • Dilli Babu, Secretary,Rotary club, Bangalore
  • Aatreyee Dam, Speaker for III session