"Cinema is a mirror by which we often see ourselves. "

Starting from a child who imitates like his favourite hero to and an adult who recollects his memories while watching movies. All of us are always closely associated with movies. NSB always develops its students to be the best Managers in both curricular & extracurriculars. As a part of its non-academic clubs, the movie & theatre club, "Drishyam, " was inaugurated for the year. Drishyam is the Movie & Theatre club that aims to provide students with an opportunity for meaningful engagement. Students can learn managerial implications and also the club helps to develop and understand the analytical skills of a character(psychological, moral, physical and socio-economic analysis). As the note of the Inauguration Ceremony, the team has published a magazine with a theme of how Corona has shaken up the entertainment industry. And the way how people dependent on them managed this hailstorm. The club was inaugurated by Dr Aashish Mehra, Director NSB Academy and Dr. S Syed Ahamed, Associate Dean NSB Academy. The event was a grand success and received exceptional support and guidance from the President of NSB Academy Dr. S.R Sridharamurthy and all the Faculty members who made the occasion auspicious.