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Innovative Teaching

Teachers may like lectures… but do you? Mere classroom lectures are not only boring but may also work against the philosophy of adult learning. Adults learn best when they are in action. Further, not every management concept/process can be taught by employing a single methodology. Therefore, multiple techniques are required for facilitate effective learning in you. Therefore, It’s not just about teaching!!…it’s all about how well the methodology of teaching is innovated to bring intended learning to you.

Find out what innovative teaching methodology is deployed at NSB to make your learning an enjoyable experience.

MBA+MIP with International Immersion

‘One size does not fit all’ is the popular saying. Accordingly, at NSB, we believe that the range of teaching methods we offer is best suited to the range of challenges that you’ll encounter throughout your career. Here, you will participate in case studies, theoretical overviews, discussions, simulations, problem-solving sessions, role-plays, and team projects. In tomorrow’s organizations, no single approach will successfully meet all challenges. With your NSB education, however, you will have the breadth and depth of management preparation to meet the challenges ahead. NSB leverages multiple educational approaches when creating a curriculum to optimize your learning experience.

Multiple teaching methods
Multiple teaching methods
Case Study

Theory must be supported with practical application. Our faculty members bring knowledge of real-world business issues to the classroom. Many executive speakers demonstrate real challenges and solutions, which enable students to acquire practical tools for business situations.

Learning through activity

We strongly believe in learning by doing. Because of our small size, the School can bring intimate, participatory learning experiences to all students. Throughout your two years of study you will see an emphasis on experiential learning with hands-on simulations, role-playing, and other exercises that actively engage you in the learning process.

Corporate lecture series

They provide insight into real-world corporate issues and help students to understand nitty-gritty of business world. Many corporate executives visit NSB every year and bring their invaluable experience into classroom.

Study groups

Study groups enrich and diversify discussions and projects by bringing together a wide range of perspectives, interests, and business skills. Study groups also function as an important collaborative vehicle, enabling you to build on each others’ strengths in analyzing and solving business issues.