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Campus Diversity

Why diversity matters?

Classroom diversity is one of the major measures of Bschool’s success and reputation as it brings a whole lot of new dimensions to learning. Classroom diversity promotes your growth and reflection. By observing and interacting with people who are different from ourselves, you learn and enlarge your understanding.

Moreover, diversity plays an essential role in career preparation as it helps you enter job markets with broader tolerant mindset and an ability to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Finally, diversity humanizes character, enhances learning and brings about universal peace and brotherhood.

Diversity at NSB campus

NSB is truly a world business school as it attracts many of the best and brightest students from all over the world. While students to NSB come from all 29 states of India, sizeable international students add global colors to classroom environment. Thanks to the strong student exchange and student immersion programs; NSB has a diversity that a true world-class business school desires.

Further, It also has amazing resources and highly accomplished professors drawn from wide variety of backgrounds and geographical locations.

NSB also celebrates gender diversity. While most Bschools across that nation struggles to balance male-female ration in classes, NSB boasts of a healthy ratio.

All in all, NSB is a melting pot of cultures; a diversity which is an essential element of learning,tolerance and creativity.