The Concept of Global Mindset Trail at NSB

At NSB we provide our MBA students with an opportunity to nurture a global mindset, through a 10-day tour across Europe and other continents. This GMT is supposed to be a life-changing experience for our students, expanding their horizons from both business and personal perspectives.

Global Mindset Trail is a tour program exclusively for our participating students. While MBA itself is a life adventure, we make it the best experience by opening up their level of understanding through a sneak peek of various B-Schools abroad.

Most of our students claim this tour has helped them with personal and life-changing business experience.

Global Mindset Trail (GMT) is organized during the first year of MBA with 10 days of orientation program across Europe. During this trip, GMT influences you to think beyond being a student. This transits you into feeling like a responsible management student ready to take on the grilling task of acquiring managerial skills.

As the name suggests, that GMT is truly creating a global mindset in our students. It gives a good international exposure and helps you observe and study diverse cultures and practices from close quarters.

During the trip, GMT helps you meet prominent business people and government officials in different places in Europe as well as other prominent countries and cities. It is not just any tour of our students’ experience; it’s a tour that makes them experience the functionality of many small firms, MNC’s (Multi-national Company), factories and Port facilities.

As part of building the global mindset, the participants get to meet some of the local students.

Besides attending cultural events, NSB students also gain wisdom of how local customs and businesses work in the real world.

A major highlight of GMT trip is a visit to Air Bus, one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. Students get an opportunity to understand and learn from the facts of technological leadership, manufacturing efficiency, commercial know-how and customer focus, which are the strong driving forces of Airbus.

GMT is truly a marvellous concept designed by NSB for its one time experience it creates for the students. Most of the students turn this opportunity into a learning experience by knowing the mindset of people, culture and their lifestyle and most importantly business functionality.