Opportunity of Exchange Program offered at NSB

Just a handful of business schools in India offer exchange program to their students.

Are you aware that the exchange programs offered by business schools actually enable students to act independently and appreciate how diverse the world is?

At NSB we have a strong exchange program designed for our students. This helps our MBA students to broaden their knowledge and to appreciate the multicultural world.

NSB has signed up with some foreign universities like ESC-Pau, France and University of Deusto, Spain. This enables our students to participate in exchange programs.

So far, NSB has facilitated the exchange program for over 400 students and professors from our Bangalore campus. As part of the agreement with foreign universities, our exchange program allows students to study 1-full semester, around 6 months with the participating university without any additional fee.

NSB’s Exchange program not only benefits our students personally but also benefits them in knowing cross-cultural business systems. Practical experience gained during the exchange program makes our students more confident and strong professionally, which in turn opens up more doors for their career growth.

During the exchange program, participants get to know the true meaning of diversity. They also get an opportunity to meet other students from different cultural backgrounds and understand their ideas, their views and dilemmas. This helps the participants become renewed and confident. They get to a point of evaluating themselves, understanding where they stand in the international business scenario, and what needs to be improved.

The exchange program is a great opportunity for students to come out of their comfort zones, and to self-assess their abilities. With NSB’s Exchange program students get to develop their personality, makes them look at the world from a whole different perspective.

As part of the faculty exchange program, courses like Foundations of Management, Marketing Management, French Culture and Language, as well as Business Research Projects are taught by international professors visiting NSB. While at the same time, faculty from NSB also teaches courses like Global Marketing, and Doing Business in Asia, at universities in France, Spain and Bangkok.

Come, join NSB and experience foreign cultures and learning opportunities by travelling abroad as part of the Exchange program.