How to choose the right B-School in India

NThe task of choosing the right business school has become more difficult nowadays because there is no standard parameter or universally acceptable criteria in our country.

It is very important to understand your needs and select the right business school. There are more than 3000 management institutions in India. There are certain parameters to be considered before choosing the right B-school:

Step1: A Thorough Analysis of Your Goal
It is very important to know your motivation for taking up a management program – remember, the more the clarity in your goals, the more effective your learning will be during the program. Hence, thoroughly analyzing your career goals is an important parameter while choosing a business school.

Step2: Accreditations possessed by the School
Out of 3000 B-schools in the country, just over 1000 schools are accredited B-schools. Accreditation indicates the quality of education and opportunities for credit transfer, etc. Your chance of getting employed with reputed companies gets enhanced if you complete your MBA from an

accredited B-school.

Step3: Profile of the Faculty and faculty-student ratio
An important parameter on which the quality of education and instruction depends on, is the competency of the faculty members, in terms of their qualification, as well as experience. . In addition, you should also consider the faculty-student ratio before choosing the B-School you want to pursue your MBA from.

Step 4: Opportunities for Scholarships
As management education is getting costlier year after year, it is important to look for scholarship opportunities while choosing the right B-school. Students are advised to make enquires about funding options, guaranteed loans with low interest rates and the scholarship options.

Before joining any B-school first you must visit the campus to get a sense of the culture and atmosphere and to see whether you would fit in it.

A good college not only paves way for a great career ahead but also shapes a person’s character, beliefs and thoughts and leads to a successful life.

Furthermore, any institute which offers an MBA should be approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Before selecting a B-school, in addition to looking for this approval, you need to also consider the quality of placements, reputation, and the profile of companies that visit the campus for recruitment.

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