Global Mindset Trail (2017-2019 batch)

Experience shared by Mr Bharath S ( 3rd Sem – MBA)

It was a tremendous opportunity given by our National School of Business for us. We were a team of 17 along with Prof. D. R. Nagaraj and Dr Shreedhara Murthy. The trip became a practical part of our subject International Business. We visited 7 major organizations of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras-al-Khaimah. The organizations are as follows,

  • Transworld Group
  • Al Rawabi
  • Sunpower Industries
  • Ultratech cement
  • UAE Exchange
  • Cambridge Institutions
  • NMC Hospital

We learnt many things during the industrial visit. The things we learnt were different from each industry we visited. The main thing is that each and every industry we visited fall under a different segment. Though there are a lot of lessons learnt, some of the major are listed below.

  • Importance of time. Every industry follows the timeframe strictly and violation of it is not entertained. Time is respected to a greater extent.
  • There are certain rules and regulations which are to have adhered and each and every person should follow it without fail. If failed, severe actions are taken.
  • Ethics in doing business is very much a prominent part of all the industries. A customer-centric approach is given the priority.
  • Well defined vision, mission and value statements in all the companies. This shows that the employees are clear with what is to be fixed in mind so as to achieve the desired target.
  • The relationship within the organization and outside the organization is very healthy without any hindrances.
  • International diplomacy is well monitored.

The cross-cultural parameters are well defined and adopted in all the organizations