Career Opportunities for Business Graduates in India

NSB’s Placement Cell provides orientation and inputs on various career opportunities for its management graduates. Every year our students undergo on-campus placements drives with branded companies.

Business Graduates in Human Resource, Marketing and Advertising, Media, Retail and Sales, Management, Accounting and Finance are in demand in every industry.

Many companies look for good business and management skills in an individual to grow their business. Both reputed and upcoming companies are looking for management graduates to help them succeed in the market.

Qualities like managerial skills, leadership capability, strong communication as well as interpersonal skills and confident decision making are important qualities to be possessed by an MBA graduate in order to build a successful career.

Career opportunities in marketing, financial and human resources are constantly on the rise, in almost all companies.

Opportunities for Business Marketing grads: Opportunities for marketing students are very bright especially for those with creative skills. Most business graduates have analytical skills and report making. Marketing graduates are supposed to have the ability to develop strategies and manage the relationship with clients for which companies require them for their skill set.

Opportunities for Financial Graduates: Graduates in finance are in demand for their accounting and finance related work in most financial institutions and large companies.

Finance professionals are required to take care of tax, financial transactions, account keeping, advising clients, and also play a key role in mergers and acquisitions. They are also responsible for preventing any fraud happening in the company, through constant vigilance and auditing functions.

Opportunities for Human Resource Grads: Demonstration of strength in interpersonal skills and communicational skills are essential for getting into career opportunities related to human resource management, irrespective of the industry.

Building and nurturing amicable and pleasant, result-oriented relationships with all stakeholders, including subordinates, superiors, customers, suppliers, etc., and implementing effective recruitment processes as well as training and developing employees are a couple of responsibilities of the HR department. Companies are constantly on the lookout for management graduates who can take up such responsibilities.

Thus, the demand for management graduates is constantly on the rise in the country. While technical and functional skills continue to be in demand, from the middle management onwards in every organization, the need for strong managerial skills. This need opens up more and more career opportunities for business graduates across the country.