An Overview of Advanced Certification Programs Offered at NSB

In addition to the full-time MBA combined with the PGPM, NSB also offers Advanced Certification Programs to all students. A couple of these certification programs are Foreign language skills, Advance Excel, SAP/ERP, E-commerce, Six Sigma and TQM along with Business Analytics.

All these certification programs are designed to equip the students with practical, hands-on exposure to each of the functional areas of the certification.

Here’s a brief overview of the Advanced Certification Programs NSB offers to their students:

  1. Foreign Language Skills Today’s business world demands that a management professional demonstrates strength in the ability to communicate in multiple languages. As more and more multinational companies keep looking toward India for recruiting fresh management talent, the need for learning foreign languages also keeps increasing. Proficiency in languages like German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese is found to be a great differentiating parameter in terms of being recruited for foreign assignments.
  2. Advanced Excel Statistical analysis has always been the core of business decision-making processes. As more and more volumes of data keep getting generated at various points of service delivery and performance, the need to analyze this data and make sense of it for making appropriate decisions is essential. Learning Advanced Excel ensures that as a management graduate, you are empowered with the tools to make such management decisions.
  3. SAP/ERP Resource allocation is an important function of the management professionals in every organization. The ability to allocate resources efficiently and effectively, and also track their optimum utilization is a key aspect of an effective manager. NSB offers certification programs for SAP / ERP which enables our students in placing themselves a step ahead of the competition in terms of career opportunities and career growth.
  4. E-commerce With the traditional brick and mortar models being rapidly replaced with internet-based entities and businesses, the need for competency building in the e-commerce related areas is fast growing. The Advanced Certification program in E-Commerce offered by NSB helps our management graduates in acquiring the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to keep abreast of competition in the current digital era.
  5. Six Sigma and TQM For increased financial results and competitiveness, TQM is being used in many organizations. However, the TQM is not much visible these days compared to the past because of integration issues, fuzzy concept and uncleared goals etc. Then came Six Sigma into existence which removes those backlogs that came from TQM. Hence it’s important to study both for a better organizational growth. NSB offers a certification program in Six Sigma and TQM.
  6. Business Analytics For years to come, companies need business analysts. The demand for these professionals is continuing to grow. Data acquisition, technical writing, statistics, marketing, production and decision making are the key skills that the certification program in business analytics imparts to the management graduates at NSB.