Advantages of pursuing MBA from a UGC Recognized

UGC stands for University Grant Commission. In 1946, UGC was established by the government of India for the regulation and control of Universities to maintain standard quality education across the nation.

UGC defines specific rules and policies to be followed by the universities to ensure the desired standards of education and instruction.

It is important for any university to get affiliated and recognized by UGC and only then the degrees or certificates awarded by such institution are considered to be recognized, valid, and authentic.

When you pursue MBA from such UGC recognized university there are many advantages. It ensures that the management degree you earn has recognition within the country as well as globally.

On completion of MBA, most while the majority of the management graduates plan to get into employment, some of them plan to go for higher education, for instance, pursuing research in a specific management area.

Unless the MBA awarded to you is UGC recognized, the university where you plan to pursue your research in management related areas may not be willing to consider your candidature for a doctoral program.

Many public sector companies, government entities as well as a majority of the private sector companies too consider MBA from a UGC recognized university to be a valid and dependable qualification. This means that the career opportunities for a management graduate are also impacted by the reason that your degree is recognized by UGC. A University which is UGC recognized also tends to be equipped with all the infrastructure, faculty-student ratio, as well as well-structured academic processes and practices.

Moreover, pursuing your MBA from a UGC recognized university ensures that you get the right value for the investment you make in the program, in terms of the time, money, as well as the effort. The two years you invest in the management program is supposed to pave way for a successful management career. This is possible, only if you pursue MBA from a UGC recognized university.

Availability of facilities like well-stocked library, opportunities for assistantship, project works as part of summer internship are all part of the package you get by enrolling with a university which is recognized by the University Grants Commission.